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OA (Office automation) NTC Temperature Sensor


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Office equipment automation NTC temperature sensors are mainly used in printers, copiers, fax machines, etc. It contains NTC thermistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient), a very important electronic component, its resistance decreases with increasing temperature.

There are 3 types of printers: dot matrix printers, inkjet printers and laser printers. The temperature sensor of dot matrix and inkjet printers is mainly to detect the temperature of the print head. The surface temperature of print head can be as high as 100℃ when operating for a long time. In order to prevent damage from overheat, a temperature sensor must be installed inside the print head to detect the temperature at all times; and the temperature sensor in the laser printer is used for temperature detection in the fixing assembly. If the temperature of the toner in the fixing process is too high, it will damage the printing paper. If the temperature is too low, the toner is not melted or the melting is not complete, and the image will be unstable. Therefore, an NTC temperature sensor installed on the fixing unit to control the temperature is very necessary for temperature detection and control.

The copier’s NTC temperature sensor are mainly used on the fixing assembly, which includes the main temperature thermistor and the sub temperature thermistor. The main temperature thermistor is installed in the middle of the heat roller to detect the temperature of the center part of the fixing roller and control the on-off of the fixing lamp, while the sub temperature thermistor is installed on the side of the fixing roller to detect abnormal heating.

EXSENSE is a professional manufacturer specialized in the production of NTC temperature sensors for office equipment automation. We have been producing NTC temperature sensors for many well-known brands and maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with them. EXSENSE NTC temperature sensors can be customized made according to requirements.

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