Our clients

We are determined to build a high-quality brand. Exsense insists on the concept of high precision, high reliability, and high sensitivity to achieve win-win cooperation with our customers. We have established long-term cooperation with world famous enterprises such as Infineon, Broadcom, Roma, Panasonic, Toshiba and ZTE, and have won the trust of many customers.

Production Process

From purchasing the raw materials to delivering the of finished products, Exsense implements strict quality control at every stage. We are equipped with perfect testing instruments and reliability testing equipment including Laser particle size testing, electronic scanning electron microscope analysis, bonding performance testing, mechanical strength control, general electrical performance testing and reliability control of each batch. Exsense strictly controls the quality of every production process.

The product life span can be up to 20 years and the temperature measurement accuracy can be as high as 0.05 ℃. Stability is able to be controlled within three one-thousandths as well.

Exsense’s core products are: high precision medical specialized NTC semiconductor thermistor and temperature sensor, high reliability optical communication and IGBT module specialized NTC semiconductor thermistor, high sensitivity temperature sensor exclusively used in smart homes, office automation and automobiles, high frequency and high capacitance single layer capacitor(SLC). Armed with the knowledge of every key technology and every wonderful applications, including: wearable devices, smart home and communication equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, high-speed train and aerospace, we are working hard to pursue progress.