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NTC Thermistor and NTC sensor Application

The 21st century has seen rapid development and breakthroughs that have profoundly changed us in the fields of mobile communication, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, new energy technologies, intelligent products such as mobile terminals, wearable devices, smart homes, office automation and new energy vehicles. Various types of sensor devices play the role of sensory nerves in increasingly intelligent electronic devices. For example, semiconductor thermistor and temperature sensors are the neurons that achieve temperature sensing functions. Even though sensor devices are behind the scenes, they are everywhere.

Exsense’s core products are high precision medical specialized NTC semiconductor thermistor and temperature sensor, high reliability optical communication and IGBT module specialized NTC semiconductor thermistor, high sensitivity temperature sensor exclusively used in smart homes, office automation and automobiles, high frequency and high capacitance single layer capacitor (SLC). Armed with the knowledge of every key technology and every wonderful application, including: wearable devices, smart home and communication equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, high-speed train and aerospace, we are working hard to pursue progress.

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