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NTC Thermistor in IGBT


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NTC thermistor is generally placed on the substrate of automotive grade IGBT, and the junction temperature data is obtained in the IGBT working process through the cooperation of the data acquisition module, and the information is fed back to the central control unit after comparison with the calibration temperature of IGBT, reminding the new energy system to pay attention to the real-time operating temperature of the automotive grade IGBT to prevent over-temperature operation. Through the temperature measurement assistance of NTC thermistor, the failure of automotive grade IGBT due to ultra-high junction temperature can be effectively avoided, which will affect the use of new energy vehicle.


Application of automotive grade IGBT module has been driven by the rapid development of new energy vehicle in recent years, and its process technology has continued to improve. In order to cooperate with the process improvement of major IGBT manufacturer, EXSENSE has developed and mass-produced a MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor for automotive grade IGBT. This NTC thermistor is glass encapsulated, which is resistant to high temperature and has great moisture-proof performance; Leadness structure, saving installation position and facilitating surface mount assembly; High accuracy, which can assist automotive grade IGBT to obtain the working junction temperature more accurately.

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