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Epoxy Resin Coating NTC Thermistor

LT series epoxy resin coating NTC thermistor has small head size and excellent sensitivity, which is suitable for making high-accuracy temperature sensor, intelligent PCB, etc.

LT 103 F 3435 B
Product Code Resistance Value R25℃ Tolerance Beta Test Temperature of Beta
LT Series NTC Thermistor 202 20×102Ω D ±0.5% 3435 A 25℃/50℃
502 50×102Ω F ±1%
103 10×103Ω G ±2%  
104 10×104Ω H ±3% 4100 B 25℃/85℃
473 47×103Ω J ±5%
*Special Parameters could be customized