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Fast response NTC Thermistor For Copier Space Part

OTS series NTC temperature sensors, thermistors can be used for office automation equipment, laser printers, copiers roller), temperature monitoring, the NTC temperature sensor has rapid response, high precision, high reliability, high temperature resistant characteristics. Five series are available:FH/ OS/OL/OH/OP

  1. Product Model: OTS-OP-E-482
  2. Wire: UL1332 #22AWG
  3. Wire length:50-2000mm
  4. Resistor resistance value:R200=3.7KΩ±5% B(100/200)=5108K±3%
  5. Operating temperature range:-20℃~230℃
  6. All the materials comply with the RoHS requirement
OTS   OP   E 482


Product Series Code Product Type Resistance & B-value   Length
OTS Office Temperature sensor OP P type E R200=3.7KΩ±5%  B(100/200)=5108K±3%

R100=3.3KΩ±5%  B(100/200)=4353K±3%

482 482mm
Part No. Electronic parameter Remark
OTS-OP-1 R180=6.5KΩ±5% B25/85=3370K±3% B100/200=3538K±3%
OTS-OP-2 R200=4KQ±5%  B25/85=4557K±3%  B100/200=4875K±3%
OTS-OP-3 R200=3.7kQ±5%  B25/85=4640K±3%  B100/200=5108K±3%
OTS-OP-4 R200=1KQ±5%  B25/85=4253K±3%  B100/200=4535K±3%
OTS-OP-5 R100=3.3KQ±5% B25/85=3966K±3% B100/200=4353K±3%
OTS-OP-6 R180=5.92KQ±3%    B(100/200)=5088K±3%