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High Accuracy Glass-sealed Radial Type NTC Thermistors

GT Series of NTC Thermistors are glass-sealed radial type thermistors with a water and oilproof design, featuring high temperature resistance and accuracy. For use in a wide variety of applications, including automotive, home application, high accuracy temperature detector etc.

  1. Product Model: GT103F3435B-R
  2. Probe Size:1.3mm/2.3mm
  3. Lead Wire:Dumet Wire]
  4. Resistor resistance value:R25=10kΩ±1% B(25/85)=3435K±1%
  5. All the material accord with the RoHS requirement
GT   103    F   3435   B _ R
Product Series Code Resistance  

Resistance tolerance


Test Temp. of Resistance

Test Temp. of B-value outline
GT GT Series of Thermistors 103 10KΩ F 1% 3435 3435K B 25/85 R: radial type
Part No. R25℃


B(K) Rated power

@25℃ (mW)

Dissipation factor(δ)


Thermal time

constant (s)

103F3435B-R 10 3435 35 or 50 0.75 or 1.3 1-5
103F3470A-R 10 3470
473F3750A-R 47 3750
503F3950A-R 50 3950
104F4200A-R 100 4200