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High Reliability Screw-Threaded NTC Temperature Sensors

TS series NTC temperature sensor, can be supplied with various NTC thermistor to suit your application.The design is made from 304 stainless steel. They are widely used in smart home or other applications due to their high stability and wide operating range of -40°C/+250°C.

  1. Product Model:TS502F25C3950FAIM-ML300A
  2. Wire : AWG26,AWG24 ,AWG 22 or Other
  3. Resistor resistance value:R25ºC: 10K ,B25/85ºC: 3435,B25/85: 3977, 3950 or different NTC R-T curve available
  4. Operating temperature range:-40℃~250℃
  5. All the materials comply with the RoHS requirement


TS   502  


F   25C   3950   F   A _ M   L300   A
Product Series Code   Resistance @25℃   R25


  Test Temp. of Resistance   B-value   B-value Tolerance
TS TS Series

Temperature sensor

  502 5KΩ F ±1%   25C 25℃   3950 B=3950K   F ±1%
Test Temp. of B-value   Head Material   Length   Distinguishing Code
A 25/50℃   M Metal   L300 300mm   A First
Part No. R25℃


B(K) Rated power

@25℃ (mW)

Dissipation factor(δ)


Thermal time

constant (s)

202F3600A 2 3600 10-20 2-4 3-10
502F3470A 5 3470
103F3435B 10 3435
303F3936A 30 3936
104F3950A 100 3950