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TPE Probe NTC Temperature Sensor for Refrigerator

TS series NTC temperature sensors NTC thermistor sensors are TPE plastic-encapsulated sensors offering waterproof protection for a wide range of temperature sensing applications. The small sensor tip is moulded in the same TPE material.

  1. Product Model: TS103F25C3435FB-SL2000A
  2. Wire material: TPE 24AWG
  3. Wire length:50-2000mm
  4. Resistor resistance value:R25=10KΩ±1% B(25/85)=3435K±1%
  5. Operating temperature range:-40℃~85℃
  6. All the material accord with the RoHS requirement
TS   103  


F   25C   3435   F   B _ S   L2000   A
Product Series Code Resistance @25℃ R25


Test Temp. of Resistance B-value B-value Tolerance
TS TS Series


103 10×103Ω F ±1% 25C 25℃ 3435 B=3435K F ±1%
Test Temp. of B-value Head Material Length Distinguishing Code
B 25/85℃ S Special L2000 2000mm A First
Part No. R25℃


B(K) Rated Power

@25℃ (mW)

Dissipation factor(δ)


Thermal time

constant (s)

202F25C3470FA 2 3470 10-20 2-4 3-20
502F25C3600FA 5 3600
103F25C3977FB 10 3977
203F25C3743FB 20 3743
104F25C4250FA 100 4250