Fast Response Printer NTC Temperature Sensor

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Fast Response Printer NTC Temperature Sensor


NTC thermistor is the core component of the NTC temperature sensor. Due to the temperature sensitive characteristics of the resistivity of the NTC thermistor, it has the characteristics of high sensitivity, good interchangeability, and high reliability. It is widely used in temperature measurement, control, compensation, etc. , especially in office automation equipment such as copiers and printers, has become an indispensable core component of temperature control.

Due to the development of society, office equipments such as printers and copiers have higher requirements for operating temperature and response time.

Many printer copier temperature sensors are bonded by thermally conductive silicone grease, but the thermal conductivity of thermally conductive silicone grease is 1.0-3.0W/(mK), which makes the thermal conductivity of the temperature sensor low. Moreover, the thermally conductive silicone grease cannot be used in a high temperature environment above 180°C for a long time, resulting in a short service life of the temperature sensor. In addition, the thermal conductivity of the polyimide film used to wrap and fix high-temperature resistant silicone blocks, glass sealing resistors, and copper sheets is only 0.16.0-0.61W/(mK), which seriously affects the thermal conductivity of the temperature sensor and reduces the response speed.

EXSENSE develops a membrane-free fast-response NTC temperature sensor for printers and copiers, which can work in a high-temperature environment above 250°C for a long time, with fast response time, is resistant to high-temperature environments, and has greatly improved thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity. And the response time is 1-2 seconds faster, which can better meet the high-speed requirements of existing office equipment.

How to make of the filmless type of fast response printer copier NTC temperature sensor:

(1) sintering the thermistor 21 and the heat conducting sheet 23 into one;

(2) welding the wire 24 to the base 22;

(3) The lead wire welding of the NTC thermistor 21 is connected to the base 22;

(4) the silica gel block 26 is fixed on the base 22;

(5) According to the three structures of sintering the NTC thermistor 21, the heat conduction sheet 23 and the silica gel block 26, the NTC thermistor 21 and the heat conduction sheet 23 are fixed on the silica gel block 26 by high temperature resistant silica gel;

(6) Connect the connecting terminal 25 to the other end of the wire 23, and then insert the connecting terminal 25 into the connector to build the NTC temperature sensor.