IGBT-NTC Thermistor

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IGBT-NTC Thermistor


One of the most critical parameters in the IGBT module is the temperature of the IGBT chip. The way to get this temperature information is to mount an NTC thermistor on the chip or become part of the chip, which will reduce the effective area of the chip’s current carrying capability.

In power electronics modules from many well-known IGBT manufacturers, NTC thermistor is generally integrated as a temperature monitoring component to simplify the design of accurate temperature measurements, such as Power Integration Module (PIM), rectifier bridge, etc.

The thermistor encapsulated inside the IGBT is generally MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor, which is installed near the silicon wafer to achieve tight thermal coupling. Depending on the module, the thermistor used to measure the module case temperature can be directly mounted on the same ceramic substrate, or the NTC thermistor can be mounted on a separate substrate, greatly simplifying temperature measurement process of the IGBT module case.