Long Term Operating NTC Temperature Sensor under High Temperature

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Long Term Operating NTC Temperature Sensor under High Temperature


NTC temperature sensor means the sensor that can sense temperature and transmit it into an output signal. It can be used in various industries that temperature compensation and temperature detection are needed. Although the NTC temperature sensor seems unremarkable, it does play an indispensable role in lots of fields.


With the development of electronic technology, electronic components have become more and more multi-functional and intelligent, and thermal chips for temperature detection, controlling and compensation are in great demand. Meanwhile, more technical requirements are risen to temperature sensors. In order to meet the requirements of high sensitivity, fast detection, and high temperature resistance, Exsense provides a close-fitting NTC temperature sensor that can be used in high temperature environments for a long time.


Different from other sensors potted into metal housing or coated by epoxy, the close-fitting NTC temperature sensor is attached to polyimide film, so the temperature sensing distance is shortened, moreover, the temperature measurement precision and sensitivity are significantly improved. It can operate in a high-temperature environment of 100~200°C for a long time. This kind of NTC temperature sensor is environmental friendly. With a design of switch structure, its thermistor can be closely attached to the object to be detected, so the heat thermal conduction efficiency is highly improved. This NTC temperature sensor is user friendly, easy to install and maintain.


How to make a close-fitting NTC temperature sensor:

1.Materials: axial glass encapsulated NTC thermistors with a glass tube of 1.3mm

2.Based on the required specifications, cut the polyimide film into 2 pieces . Place the glass encapsulated NTC thermistor in the 2 cut films, with 3mm thermistor wires left outside the film.

3.Stick one piece of high temp silicon gel sponge between the glass encapsulated NTC thermistor and metal base, and weld them together.

4.Lock the welded metal base and switch together and finish all.