NTC Temperature Sensor for New Energy Vehicle Battery

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NTC Temperature Sensor for New Energy Vehicle Battery


After continuous charge and discharge cycles, rechargeable battery for vehicles will be overheated, and its original performance will be poor. To solve the problems above, battery temperature detection is very necessary. NTC temperature sensors in the rechargeable battery pack play an important role in temperature detection, controlling and compensation.

NTC temperature sensors for battery detection include epoxy coated NTC temperature sensors and ring lug NTC temperature sensors.

Epoxy coated NTC temperature sensor is encapsulated with epoxy. Its size is small (min diameter 2.0 mm), however, it is with fast response, high sensitivity, stable performance, high reliability, and better thermal cycle resistance. The operation temperature range is -40-150℃, suitable for lithium batteries, new energy vehicles and BMS systems, etc.

The ring lug NTC temperature sensor is a highly sensitive and reliable NTC thermistor chip welded to cables, which is encapsulated to a shape by insulating, heat-conducting, and waterproof materials. It’s also a great option for temperature detection and control. It can be designed according to the installation conditions and tailor made according to customers’ requirements.