NTC Temperature Sensor of Infant Body Temperature Detected Device

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NTC Temperature Sensor of Infant Body Temperature Detected Device


Recently EXSENSE develops a new built-in NTC temperature sensor to detect the body temperature of infants and young kids. As any parent knows, infants are prone to getting fever and cold. The infant immune system has a reputation for being weak and underdeveloped when compared to an adult. Infants can hardly tell their parents how they feel. Traditionally, parents measure the infant’s body temperature with a thermometer when the it has symptoms.It might miss the best time for medical treatment. A body temperature detected device with a built-in NTC temperature sensor helps to monitor infants’ body temperature in real time.

The infant body temperature detected device can measure multiple parts of body by different units at the same time, without influence by ambient temperature. The high-precision and high-sensitivity NTC temperature sensor inside can quickly monitor infant’s body temperature: attach the temperature measurement units on infant’s skin or just attach it on infant’s clothing/ bedding, by which real-time body temperature can be detected. Later the NTC temperature sensor will transmit the temperature signal to the processor. Parents can view the body temperatures of the infant by storage module, from the initial event, duration, and maximum temperature of the abnormal body surface temperature, which helps doctors/ parents to take suitable treatments in time.

The NTC temperature sensor for infant body temperature detected device manufactured by EXSENSE is made of high-precision glass encapsulated thermistor, it is sealed by double layers glass, with better performance in insulation, stability, fast response, high reliability, and waterproof.