NTC Temperature Sensors for Rear View Mirror

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NTC Temperature Sensors for Rear View Mirror


Car rear view mirrors are crucial as they can help drivers to keep an eye on the traffics behind. However, in cold weather, the rear view mirror usually gets frosted easily and the view becomes blurry. To solve this problem, many cars are now equipped with NTC temperature sensors, which can detect the changes in rear view mirror’s temperature and automatically adjust the shape of the rear view mirror and maintain the clarity when the temperature is too low.

What is an NTC temperature sensor?

NTC temperature sensor is an electronic component that senses the temperature changes. Its resistance value changes according to the temperature, and leads to a change in current or voltage. In car rear view mirrors, NTC temperature sensors detect the surface temperature  of the mirror. When the temperature gets too low, the NTC sensor sends a signal and the mirror will automatically adjust its shape to maintain clarity.

The advantages of NTC temperature sensors

1.Automatic adjustment: The NTC temperature sensor can automatically adjust the shape of the rearview mirror without manual. This greatly improves driving safety.

2.Time saving: In cold weather, there is no need to manually defrost, saving valuable time.

3.Energy saving and environmental protection: Automatically adjusting the shape of the rearview mirror can save energyand help protect the environment.

NTC temperature sensors are usually connected to the rear view mirror control unit (ECU) . When the surface temperature of the mirror is lower than the setting, the sensor will send a signal to the ECU, which will control the mirror motor to adjust the shape of the mirror. This is an automatic process that requires no driver intervention.

All in all, the NTC temperature sensor is a very practical electronic component in car rear view mirrors. It can solve the problem of rear view mirror frosting in cold weather, improve driving safety, save time and energy.