Innovative NTC Temperature Sensors in a Car Charger

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Innovative NTC Temperature Sensors in a Car Charger


New Energy Vehicle and NTC Temperature Sensor

With the development of the new energy vehicle industry, electric vehicles have achieved certain industrial scale and advantages. Charging is an essential function of electric vehicles, and a well designed charger on the car is quite essential. New energy vehicle charger usually connects to a  new energy vehicle charging pedestal, and complete the power transmission as well as the signal delivery. NTC temperature sensors can detect the temperature of a car charger. NTC temperature sensor is built with an NTC thermistor: its resistance value is negatively related to temperature changes. When the temperature increases, the NTC temperature sensor resistance decreases and vice versa.

How Does an NTC Temperature Sensor Work

In a car charger, NTC temperature sensor can be installed near the seats or charging sockets. The sensor can monitor the temperature of the charger in real time by measuring changes in ambient temperature.

By connecting the NTC temperature sensor to a micro-controller or other circuits, the temperature of the charger can be monitored and controlled. When the temperature is higher than a certain level, the system will react accordingly, such as charging stop or alarming, in order to prevent the charger from overheating.

Therefore, NTC temperature sensors can improve the safety/ reliability of car charger and protect users and equipment.