Dependable NTC Thermistor for Oven

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Dependable NTC Thermistor for Oven


Dependable SUS Probed NTC thermistor for Oven

NTC temperature sensor is an important part built in an oven. An NTC temperature sensor is made of an NTC thermistor, a stainless steel long probe, and cables. After potting into the stainless steel probe, the NTC thermistor will test and control the inside temperature of an oven, to satisfy what people need.

Exsense understands the importance of temperature control and introduce a new type of NTC temperature sensor with long stainless steel probe. It is easy to install, with fast thermal response time for ovens.

NTC temperature sensors with long stainless probe for oven are made of high precision NTC thermistors and cables potted by epoxy into a food grade stainless steel 304 probe. The cables are with stainless steel shielded layer, in this case, the distance between thermistor and probe will be shortened. The thermal time constant of NTC temperature sensor will be greatly improved. It ensures that the oven will work with high precision, high reliability and high stability.