Introduction to temperature control of smart toilets

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Introduction to temperature control of smart toilets


NTC temperature sensors are widely used in smart toilets.A smart toilet is an advanced toilet with the added enhancements of modern smart home technology,such as buttocks flushing, female flushing, seat ring heating, drying after washing, temperature control adjustment,etc. NTC temperature sensors place an essential role in those functions above.

NTC temperature sensors manage the temperature control system for seat ring heating and drying after washing. This system is made of seat ring heating device, air heating and drying device, as well as all kinds of NTC thermistors for ambient temperature testing, seat ring temperature testing, and air heating/ drying temperature testing. Those NTC thermistors above are connected with AD conversion modules. CPU allows them to work at their best.

Some introductions to NTC temperature sensors for smart toilet’s air temperature control and seat ring heating

NTC temperature sensors for air temperature control are made of NTC thermistors and flanged stainless steel housing.It’s with better performance, such as high stability, high reliability, waster-proof, high precision. The operation temperature is around -40℃~150℃

NTC temperature sensor for seat ring heating is made of glass encapsulated NTC thermisotrs and coated with epoxy. Such NTC temperature sensor is with excellent waterproof ability, strong mechanical resistance, high flexibility, easy installation, low temperature resistance, high reliability. Operation temperature range: -40℃-150℃.