EXSENSE Introduces High Reliable NTC Thermistor Assembly for Coffee Machine

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EXSENSE Introduces High Reliable NTC Thermistor Assembly for Coffee Machine


A high-quality coffee machine will give you and your family relax and enjoyable time. The quality of the coffee brew depends on the skills of the brew and the coffee machine itself. If coffee matters to you, the temperature should too. NTC temperature sensor manufacturer EXSENSE has years of R&D development experience creating and improving customized functions for NTC thermistor assembly in coffee machines.

The perfect brewing temperature is between 90.5 and 96.1 degrees Celsius. How to make water of room temperature reaches brewing temperature? The NTC thermistor assembly of coffee machine can finish this job. There are two NTC thermistors inside, one is for inlet water temperature testing, the other is for the heating system which monitors the flow and calculates the temperature difference between the inlet and the outlet for heating power. Finally, the heating time depends on the flow, and it makes the outlet water temperature perfect for brewing.

We can also deconstruct the NTC thermistor assembly and its principle: the most important part of it is the NTC thermistor, which is made of a NTC chip encapsulated by glass tube.  After the thermistor is connected with cables,  it will be coated and potted by epoxy to a metal probe for better performance. EXSENSE is a professional manufacturer of NTC thermistor and NTC temperature sensor probes. The products are stable, reliable, sensitive and with good performance in waterproof.