Use of NTC Thermistor to Promote Development of TWS Bluetooth Headsets

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Use of NTC Thermistor to Promote Development of TWS Bluetooth Headsets


With the continuous breakthrough and progress of various technologies of TWS Bluetooth headsets, its market has entered a new stage of industrial upgrading. NTC thermistor, as an important component to enrich the functions of TWS Bluetooth headsets and improve user experience, has also become the focus of R&D and production of major manufacturers, and has higher requirements for product improvement and production links.

At present, thermistor is needed in the technical development direction of TWS Bluetooth headset, especially in the projects involving SMD type NTC thermistor, such as in-ear detection, pressure interactive sensing, health monitoring, etc.. Next, let EXSENSE Electronics give you a rough introduction to the current development of each technology.

The first is in-ear detection, which mainly includes two technologies: capacitive sensing and optical infrared laser. Among them, the mainstream manufacturers on the market for the application of optical infrared laser, its market share is only about 10% of the TWS Bluetooth headset market. Although the market share is low, it is still favored by more and more manufacturers, and the development momentum is very good. Why is optical infrared laser more recognized by manufacturers than capacitive sensing? This is due to the optical infrared laser technology adopting the NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics, using its high-precision characteristics, so that the performance of in-ear detection is better, reduce the user’s misoperation rate, which is conducive to providing better user experience. Therefore, even though the cost of optical infrared laser is higher, TWS Bluetooth headsets, which account for nearly 10% of the market, adopt this technology. While the majority of TWS Bluetooth headsets are still using capacitive sensing technology due to cost considerations.

The second is pressure interactive sensing, its development process from the most primitive button, tapping interaction, then to the later touch, pressure sensing, and then to the current combination of pressure and touch. After going through multiple stages, the current pressure interactive sensing mainly has three technologies: capacitive touch, G-sensor and pressure sensing. Among them, because the pressure sensing has high sensitivity and high accuracy, it can effectively avoid user’s misoperation, at the same time, it can realize the control form of simulated physical buttons while maintaining the unity of the appearance of TWS Bluetooth headsets. Therefore, in the continuous improvement of TWS Bluetooth headsets technology, the penetration rate of pressure sensing will also increase.

Finally, health monitoring, the development of this technology, mainly due to the health awareness of people now. SMD type NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. can effectively help TWS Bluetooth headsets to conduct real-time body temperature monitoring and bring customers a better user experience.