High Quality NTC Thermistor for Mounting Surfaces of SMD

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High Quality NTC Thermistor for Mounting Surfaces of SMD


NTC thermistor is a resistance whose resistance value is very sensitive to temperature, also known as semiconductor thermistor. It’s made of single crystal, poly crystal, as well as glass, plastic and other semiconductor materials. This thermistor has a series of special electrical properties, the most basic characteristic is that its resistance value changes with temperature is very significant, and its voltage-current curve is nonlinear.

NTC thermistor are widely used in office automation communications equipment, mobile phones, cell phone batteries, LCD temperature compensation and medical equipment.

At present, the NTC thermistor for mounting surface of SMD (Surface Mounted Devices), which has weak insulation, and the power circuit is prone to produce a huge surge current in the moment of power start-up, the thermistor can’t suppress the surge current in time. At the same time, with the extension of working time, thermistor in a high temperature environment will generate a lot of heat. If they can’t be discharged in time, NTC thermistor will lose the function of protecting other electronic products due to aging under high temperature loading, and shorten the service life of the resistance.

Today, let’s introduce a kind of NTC thermistor for mounting surface of SMD to address the shortcomings of the above technology.

This thermistor includes a substrate body, insulating film, NTC chip, mount holes, heat sink and ceramic rod. The substrate body of the thermistor is made of metal with an insulating film on it. NTC chip is installed in the substrate, which can effectively suppress the surge current generated in the power supply circuit. The mount hole is set up in the middle, on both sides of the mount hole are set up with heat sinks, discharge a large of amount of heat generated by NTC thermistor in time, improve the function of NTC thermistor to protect other electronic products, extend the service life of the thermistor. Ceramic rods are arranged between heat sinks to improve the current resistance of NTC chips.

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