Innovative High-temperature Resistant NTC Thermistor in Automotive Water Temperature Sensor

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Innovative High-temperature Resistant NTC Thermistor in Automotive Water Temperature Sensor


High-temperature resistant NTC thermistor produced, researched and developed by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., has characteristics of great reliability, fast response speed, high accuracy, which is widely used in automotive water temperature sensors, or the products need to be temperature monitored in high temperature conditions. The automotive water temperature sensor mounted on the automotive engine block, which measures the temperature of the engine coolant and helps the electronic control unit (ECU) process the signal, which is an indispensable component in the electronic fuel injection technology.

In the existing technology, the automotive water temperature sensor are mostly made of electric heating wire wound with a bimetallic strip, and the material of bimetallic strip in the sensor needs to be molded and annealed in processing, so its size is difficult to achieve the drawing size requirements, resulting in a high scrap rate. At the same time, the structure of electric heating wire of sensor makes response of temperature measurement is slow, it is difficult to accurately determine the operating temperature of the engine, can not accurately provide the signal to the electronic control unit (ECU), the output temperature error can be up to ±8℃. In order to overcome the shortcomings of existing technology, EXSENSE Electronics introduces a automotive high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor water temperature sensor.

This automotive NTC thermistor water temperature sensor includes a metal housing, heat-conductive filler, high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor and plug connector.

The metal housing is equipped with a sealed inner cavity, which is encapsulated with a heat-conductive filler; The high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor is placed in the heat-conductive filler; The upper end of the metal housing is arranged with a plug connector of output signal, the lower end of the plug connector goes through the inner cavity; And the lower end of the plug connector is electrically connected to the high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor through the wire. The outside of the wire is insulated, the metal housing is formed as one, which has a better sealing, and the inner wall of the housing is an insulating layer, which can prevent electricity leakage. The heat-conductive filler is a solid thermal conduction medium, which is used to transmit the external water temperature to the high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor, and the thermistor can be fixed to make it have a better temperature monitoring environment and improve the accuracy of temperature measurement.

Using high-temperature resistant NTC thermistor to replace the existing technology of the electric heating wire wound with a bimetallic strip, which can effectively improve the temperature response speed, so that the accuracy is higher, the temperature error range can also be controlled at ±1℃, which provides effective information and judgment data for vehicle electronic control unit (ECU).