New NTC Thermistor and Automotive Air Conditioner

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New NTC Thermistor and Automotive Air Conditioner



In recent years, people gradually improve the comfort level of automotive conditioner. At present, the head of NTC thermistor of domestic automobile conditioner usually sealed by epoxy resin, in the high-tide and high-humidity harsh environment of the air-conditioning box, it’s easy to fail; And because its temperature-sensing part is outside, which is vulnerable to the temperature disturbance of conditioner box, causes an error between the induced temperature and the actual temperature, thus affect the control accuracy of conditioner.

In view of the defects in the current domestic automotive conditioner technology design, today let’s introduce an automobile conditioner, which can make NTC thermistor long-term normal and stable operation, and the induced temperature can effectively overcome the measurement error caused by the wind duct temperature field disturbance. The high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is good stability, high reliability, which can be used in high -temperature environment for temperature measurement products.

This automotive air conditioner includes a temperature sensor, a socket, heat-conducting copper sheet and high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor.

The heat-conducting copper sheet is in contact with the high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor, a sealing washer is arranged on one side of the heat-conducting copper sheet and the thermistor to make the assembly more secure and the shock-absorbing effect better. The heat-conducting copper sheet is partially covered by the sensor, and the high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor is wrapped, and the pin connected to the NTC thermistor is arranged in the socket, the pin is partially encased in the body integrated with the socket.

Compared with the existing technology, from the heat transfer of NTC thermistor was changed from previous simple NTC thermistor epoxy resin coating to uniform temperature transferred by heat-conducting copper sheet, which is more stable. When the temperature changes, the heat-conducting copper sheet can sense the temperature change evenly, and timely transmission to the high-temperature resistance thermistor, so that the thermistor sensed the temperature more stable and uniform, then send the correct temperature measurement signal. At the same time, high-temperature resistance NTC thermistor is wrapped, which can effectively prevent dust, acid, alkali, salt and other corrosion, extend its service life.