New NTC Thermistor and Durable Washable Non-radiant Hot Compress Belt

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New NTC Thermistor and Durable Washable Non-radiant Hot Compress Belt



NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Is fast response, high precision, high cost performance, which is widely used in temperature measurement, temperature control temperature compensation, etc.

At present, with the increase of work pressure and the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to daily life health care. As a result, life care supplies are also constantly evolving according to people’s needs.

Hot compress belt is one of the life care products which is often used by people, it can relieve nerves, relieve pain, it plays an effective role in health care. The structure of early hot compress belt is relatively simple, only set with heating wire in the woven belt, then connect with the industrial frequency alternating current for heating, place hot compress belt on a part of the body that is easy to be cold, to achieve the role of hot compress. However, due to the hot compress belt needs to connect the industrial frequency alternating current, which is easy to produce radiation; it’s not washable, which is easy to breed bacteria; there is no NTC thermistor attached to the heating wire, which can’t effectively control the temperature then is easy to cause burns.

In view of this, aiming at the lack of existing technology, let’s introduce a durable washable non-radiant hot compress belt which is contained a NTC thermistor, it can effectively solve the existing problems of hot compress belt that is easy to produce radiation, not washable, no temperature control, short service life and so on.

This durable washable non-radiant hot belt with NTC thermistor includes a woven belt and a heating wire; The woven belt is made of polyester fiber, a flexible shielding layer and a waterproof breathable layer are arranged in it, and the waterproof breathable layer is coated out of the flexible shielding layer; The heating wire is a flexible heating wire, which is arranged in flexible shielding layer, it includes a fiber core line, an internal isolation layer, a inner core line, a outer core line and the outer skin layer, the internal isolation layer is the NTC thermistor, the fiber core line and the inner core line are arranged in the internal isolation layer, the inner core line is spirally wound on the fiber core line, the outer core line is located outside the internal isolation layer and is helical winding extension, and one end of the outer core line is electrically connected to one end of the inner core line, which wraps the fiber core line, the internal isolation layer, the inner core line and the outer core line.

The durable washable non-radiant hot compress belt with NTC thermistor is arranged through a flexible shielding layer and a cross-stranded state with the outer core line and the inner core line of the hair hotline to offset the magnetic field and effectively eliminate radiation generation;

by setting up a fiber core line, the heating wire is not easy to pull off, the service life of product is longer; By setting up a waterproof and breathable layer, so that the product can be directly placed in the washing machine for washing, so as to bring convenience to the user’s use, with temperature control of the NTC thermistor, which can prevent users from burning their skin due to high temperature.