New NTC Thermistor of Glucose Meter

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New NTC Thermistor of Glucose Meter


From the working principle, there are two kinds of differences of glucose meter, one is photoelectric type, one is electrode type.

Photoelectric-type glucose meter belongs to the traditional glucose meter, its price is relatively cheap, but its probe head exposed to the air, which is very vulnerable to be polluted, affecting the test results, the error range is about ±0.8, the service life is relatively short. And the electrode-type probe head of electrode glucose meter is hidden, which can avoid pollution, the error range is generally about ±0.5. In normal use, it doesn’t need to be calibrated, and its service life is long.

 Today, let’s introduce the NTC thermistor of electrode-type glucose meter.

The NTC thermistor in the electrode-type glucose meter has the functions of temperature measurement, temperature compensation and temperature control. The NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adopted advanced semi-conductor processing system, combined with proprietary intellectual property rights of the NTC thermistor materials and processing technology, to achieve the high-precision, fast-response and batch manufacturing of NTC thermistor, which is widely used in various temperature measuring instruments.

The NTC thermistor in the electrode-type glucose meter can reduce the inaccurate detection of the blood glucose meter due to the temperature problem, patients can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. When using a normal glucose meter, such as getting up in the morning to measure fasting blood-glucose, cold glucose meter (but also within the normal operating temperature, and no low temperature display) test the value is excess, then it’s necessary to put the glucose meter on the belly (or in a warm quilt) to cover for 5 minutes, and test, in order to get the correct value. This requires patients to do a temperature detection of the glucose meter before testing, also need to worry about whether the ambient temperature has reached the appropriate temperature.

An NTC thermistor is added to the electrode-type glucose meter, which can maintain good stability even in high-temperature and high-humidity environment, and can be detected with higher precision when blood glucose is detected.