High Quality NTC Temperature Sensor for EV’s Motor

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High Quality NTC Temperature Sensor for EV’s Motor


With the rapid development of modern electric vehicle technology, the demand for output power of EV is gradually increasing. As the current is accumulating when the motor is operating, the temperature of the motor stator winding is getting higher. A built-in NTC temperature sensor is needed to detect the temperature of the stator winding in real time. When it is over heat, the motor controller needs to do something to avoid overheat damage.

Special Designed NTC Temperature Senor for EV

The NTC temperature sensor in the motor winding is a combination of a single-ended glass-encapsulated thermistor and a double-layer Teflon tube. This processing improves the waterproof performance of the glass-encapsulated NTC thermistor. After the double-layer Teflon casing and the Teflon insulated lead are fused together at 450℃, the performance of finished product is greatly improved.

Additionally, the product can completely operate in water. It can also work normally with long service life and strong practicability even if it is in a high temperature environment above 250℃. This NTC temperature sensor has a small probe, small volume, and small installation space requirements. All in all, this kind of high waterproof and high oil-proof NTC temperature sensor is more suitable for automotive motors.