NTC Thermistor and 5G Internet Repeater

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NTC Thermistor and 5G Internet Repeater


With the continuous popularization and development of smart home, especially now that the coverage of 5G networks is getting wider and wider, the demand for 5G Internet repeater is also increasing. During the operation of the 5G Internet repeater, heat dissipation is required to carry out, if its heat dissipation performance is poor, resulting in a higher temperature will affect the normal use of the Internet repeater. In order to ensure that the operating temperature of the 5G Internet repeater is within a safe range, most manufacturers will add NTC thermistor in it as components for temperature monitoring and temperature protection.

In order to ensure the smooth application network of smart home, EXSENSE Electronics introduced a 5G Internet repeater, which includes the repeater itself, output port, housing, antenna, air inlet, indicator light, input ports, heat conduction plate, filter, air outlet, NTC thermistor, fan, reinforcement plate, desiccant, wire mesh, packing cavity. The front end of the 5G Internet repeater is provided with an input port and there are multiple output ports, and the distance between adjacent output ports is equal; the upper side of the output port is correspondingly provided with indicator light, and the indicator light is embedded in the upper side of the repeater; the rear end of the repeater is provided with an antenna, the outer side is provided with a housing, and the side of the housing is provided with an air inlet; the housing is provided with an air outlet on the side away from the air inlet, and the fan is provided inside the air outlet; the fan is bolted to the inside of the air outlet, and the NTC thermistor is provided internally, NTC thermistor is electrically connected to the fan through the wire; the upper and lower sides of the housing are provided with packing chambers, and the inside of the packing chamber is filled with desiccant.

This 5G Internet repeater has the following advantages:

First, the resistance value of the NTC thermistor decreases with increasing temperature. When the resistance value of the thermistor decreases, the voltage inside the input fan will increase, which will the speed of the fan and speeding up the heat dissipation inside the repeater. At the same time, the desiccant inside the packing chamber can adsorb the moisture in the air inside the housing and maintain the dryness of the air inside the housing;

Second, the wire mesh is used to increase the contact area between the desiccant and the air and improve the water absorption efficiency of the desiccant;

Third, the heat conduction plate has high thermal conductivity, which can increase the contact area between air and heat;

Fourth, the air inlet adopts a tapered setting, which can reduce the air flow through the section of the air through the air inlet when it enters the interior of the housing, and accelerate the conversion of the wind speed to reach the heat.

The high-reliability epoxy resin coating NTC thermistor researched and developed by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has great heat cycling, fast response speed and high stability, which can play the role of temperature monitoring and temperature protection in 5G Internet repeater.