True and Fake of Infrared Thermopile

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True and Fake of Infrared Thermopile


With the continuous development of infrared technology, the market share of infrared thermopile increases. The market share of NTC chip, which assists infrared thermopile for high-precision temperature monitoring, is also gradually rising.

In the infrared market, the pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is the most commonly used to impersonate infrared thermopile. This kind of sensor is low-cost, low-precision, which is generally used in induction lights, automatic doors, etc., its role is to sense the temperature, but it can not test specific values. The infrared thermopile, through its internal NTC chip, which can be used for temperature monitoring, to obtain specific temperature values.

The mass production of the forehead thermometer has led to the emergence of a good and bad infrared thermopile on the market. In the face of fakes rampant market and suppliers fishing in troubled waters, how should we distinguish true and fake infrared thermopile? Next, EXSENSE Electronics give you a few tips.

First, number of pins

The infrared thermopile has four pins, two of which are used for the output voltage, one pin connecting the inside NTC chip and one pin being grounded. The pyroelectric infrared sensor only has three pins, so the number of pins can be used as one of the methods for quickly identifying true and fake of infrared thermometer.

Second, packaging

The packaging of pyroelectric infrared sensor is mostly in bulk, while the packaging of infrared thermopile is strictly regulated. In order to avoid contamination or damage to filter, pin deformation, metal housing squeezed, etc., infrared thermopiles are usually packaged by waffle tray, foam tray and other ways to package.

Third, filter

The filter of infrared thermopile is usually round, but the filter of fake is usually square, which can also be used as an auxiliary method to judge the truth and fake.

The above several methods of identification are for reference only, the most rigorous detection method still needs to use the standard black-body furnace and the thermostatic water tank to calibrate and verify. The RT table provided by ach manufacturer is different, we need to check according to the parameters provided by the manufacturer.

The core component of the infrared thermopile is NTC chip, which is small size, high sensitivity, great accuracy and high reliability, which helps the infrared thermopile to obtain more accurate measurement data during temperature monitoring.