NTC Thermistor in Home RF Facial Device

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NTC Thermistor in Home RF Facial Device


In recent years, with the COVID-19 sweeping across the world, quarantine and control have gradually become the norm. The business opportunity that brings from this, make the new product of market of small home appliance spring up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Among them, the home RF facial device has become the new favorite of many women. As an indispensable temperature monitoring component in home RF facial device – NTC thermistor, it has also become the focus of major facial device manufacturers.


In addition to other parts, why NTC thermistor is particularly important in home RF facial device? Research shows that the golden temperature line of human body cells is 43℃, Users’ experience is the best. And the normal working temperature of home RF facial device should not exceed 65℃, if the temperature exceeds this temperature point, there will be the risk of scald. Therefore, it is necessary to place the medical miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor for temperature control and temperature monitoring, in order to ensure the safety of users in the process of using RF facial device. According to the national standardized management of facial device, the following parts of the home RF facial device need to place the thermistor:


First, the head. NTC thermistor is placed in the head of the RF facial device, which can monitor the skin epidermal temperature in real time and prevent the temperature of the RF facial device from being too high and scald the skin;


Second, handle. Place thermistor in the handle part of the RF facial device, can monitor user’s operation, avoid scalding due to high temperature of handle shell, and also effectively avoid internal parts damage due to high temperature;


Third, the main board. NTC thermistor is placed into the main board of RF facial device, which can play an intelligent role in temperature control. When the user is in use, when the skin temperature reaches the critical point, the thermistor can respond quickly, feedback the information to the control unit, and turn on the temperature control protection.


IT Series – miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., with characteristics of good consistency, fast response, high precision, real-time temperature control and temperature monitoring are carried out in the RF facial device to avoid user scald and internal parts damage.