NTC Thermistor Chip with Car Seat Heating

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NTC Thermistor Chip with Car Seat Heating


With the development of the automobile industry toward the direction of humanization, comfort and intelligence, many automobile manufacturers will increase the heating function for the car seat at present. To realize car seat heating, it is necessary to install a temperature sensor with a high-accuracy NTC thermistor chip in the seat, which has high requirements for accuracy, sealing and insulation, because it must ensure the safety of the owner in the process of use.

A high-sealing and high-insulation temperature sensor for car seat heating, which mainly includes NTC thermistor chip and wire. Among them, the electrodes on the upper and lower surfaces of the NTC chip are respectively welded with solder paste to each of the two pins of the wire, then coated with a layer of silica gel; The silica gel is coated with a layer of insulating paint; The exterior of the insulating paint is coated with epoxy resin, which also covers part of the insulation leather of the pin end of wire. It should be noted that the thickness of silica gel, insulating paint and epoxy resin at the location of the NTC thermistor chip must be less than the thickness of silica gel, insulating paint and epoxy resin at other locations, so as to facilitate the thermistor chip to monitor the external ambient temperature quickly.

A layer of silica gel is first coated outside the NTC chip to improve the insulation and ensure that there will be no contact short circuit between the two wire pins. A layer of insulating paint is coated outside the silica gel, because the insulating paint can further improve the insulation and sealing. Coated in the outermost layer of epoxy resin, its structure is oval, mainly considering that it is placed in the car seat, the plasticity is better when the outer surface is the arc surface.

NTC thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is used for temperature monitoring and temperature protection of car seat heating, so that the seat heating process can better match the owner, and ensure the owner’s comfort and safety in the process of driving.