Reliable NTC Thermistor and Measurement of Blood Sugar

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Reliable NTC Thermistor and Measurement of Blood Sugar


For people with diabetes, blood sugar measurement has become a part of everyday life. Accurate blood sugar data helps doctors better judge their condition and determine appropriate treatment options.

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced semiconductor process, combined with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve high-reliability, batch production of NTC thermistor, NTC chip, which can provide more accurate data for measurement of glucose sugar.

Today, let’s introduce a blood glucose measuring system that measures blood sugar levels while monitoring the patient’s physical condition, allowing doctors to respond more quickly in an emergency. This blood glucose measuring system includes a blood glucose meter with NTC thermistor and a measurement data management device.This blood glucose meter is a portable apparatus which operates with a lithium ion battery and has a size with which it can be generally accommodated in a hand of an adult.

When doctor, nurse measures the blood sugar level of a patient, usually takes a very small amount of a blood sample from an earlobe, a finger, an arm or the like of the patient with blood glucose meter and gets the blood sugar data. The blood glucose meter is then connected to the measurement data management device via a USB cable and the data is transferred and received with the measurement data management device. If there is a measurement data sheet in the blood glucose meter, the measurement data stored in the measurement data sheet can be transmitted to the measurement data management device.

If a predetermined command is transmitted from the measurement data management apparatus 104, then the measurement data management apparatus 104 can download blood glucose meter setting data from the blood glucose meter. In addition, measurement data management device can upload patients’ data, user group’s data, etc. to the blood glucose meter. Moreover, the blood glucose meter includes a high-sensitivity NTC thermistor, which measures the air temperature of the blood glucose meter’s environment when measuring blood sugar based on changes in the resistance of the NTC thermistor.

The resistance value of the NTC thermistor is converted from an A/D converter to a value, which is recorded to a predetermined area of the random access memory and the non-volatile memory. Because there is no need to measure a received light intensity and an air temperature at the same time, the A/D converter is used commonly by the NTC thermistor.