The Role of Fast NTC Thermistor in Infant Somatosensory Detection Alarm

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The Role of Fast NTC Thermistor in Infant Somatosensory Detection Alarm


The resistance value of NTC thermistor decreases as the temperature increases, and vice versa. This feature makes it widely used in many fields, such as cold chain transportation, medical equipment, smart home and so on.

NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is high precision, good reliability, which plays a pivotal role in small home appliances, such as infant somatosensory detection alarm.

At present, the common detection alarm of market can send an alarm signal after infant kicks off the quilt, to remind parents to cover the quilt in time, in order to prevent infants from catching cold and causing fever and cold. However, this kind of detection alarm has some limitations, is that its alarm precision is not accurate. Although it can send an alarm signal after the infant kicks off the quilt, but because of its very small range of adaptation, and can not really reflect the infant’s body somatosensory cold and hot, bring a lot of difficulties for parents’ timely care.

The infant somatosensory detection alarm we introduce today, with high-sensitivity NTC thermistor, can accurately reflect the infant body somatosensory hot and cold. This infant somatosensory detection alarm consists of a host, a receiver and a somatosensory cloth. The host is equipped with a music alarm, an indicator, a power switch and a somatosensory cloth socket. The somatosensory cloth is set in the existing underwear, front, back, top and bottom each put an NTC thermistor by series, a plug wire is used to connect the somatosensory cloth and somatosensory cloth socket of host.

Using the characteristic of resistance value of NTC thermistor decreases with the temperature increases, the alarm can send an alarm signal to parents when the infant somatosensory becomes cold after they kick off the quilt. Conversely, when infants wear too much or the quilt is too thick, somatosensory rise, will also send an alarm signal to inform parents. The response time of NTC thermistor is fast, in infant somatosensory detection alarm it can timely inform parents to add or subtract clothes for infant, so as to avoid undercooling or overheating.