High Quality NTC Thermistor for IoT-Based Fire Alarm System

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High Quality NTC Thermistor for IoT-Based Fire Alarm System


NTC temperature sensor, NTC thermistor
Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor Used in NTC Temperature Sensor for Fire Alarm System

The automatic fire alarm system is an automatic fire-fighting facility installed in buildings in order to detect /report fires early, take actions in time, control and extinguish fires. It helps people to fight against fires.


This system displays the monitoring data of temperature and smoke for effective warning and reminding. As a powerful tool, the system develops a connecting network for the fire alarm control terminal communication, which improves the efficiency of fire rescue and accurately locates the fire scene.

NTC Thermistor of IoT Fire Alarm System

The NTC temperature sensors place an important role in monitoring the temperature of the real time automatic fire alarm system. The essential component of it is the NTC thermistor.  NTC thermistors are non-linear resistors, which alter their resistance characteristics with temperature. The resistance of NTC will decrease when the temperature increases.


A built-in NTC temperature sensor with multiple warning functions of the IoT fire alarm system can detect the temperature and smoke in real time. It is remotely connected to the fire alarm control terminal through a wireless network connection module, which controls the audio receiver and the loudspeaker for communication, in order to locate the fire scene directly.