Refrigeration System with NTC Temperature Sensor

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Refrigeration System with NTC Temperature Sensor


A refrigeration system refers to a mechanical device that changes the pressure of a refrigerant by a compressor to lower the temperature. Refrigeration system is one of the most important parts in compression refrigeration equipment. It is composed of the compressor, the condenser, the dry filter, and expansion throttle valve. With the help of a certain amount of refrigerant injecting inside, the operation of the compressor will be controlled by the electrical appliance according to different ambient temperatures, in order to remove heat and refrigerate. Temperature control is very important for refrigeration system, an NTC temperature sensors will be of great help to detect the temperature.

The NTC temperature sensor is installed on the top of the inside refrigeration system to receive the temperature feedback. With a compressor to bring the refrigerant from low pressure to high pressure, and transmits it to the condenser through the connecting pipe, so that the refrigerant circulates continuously in the refrigerating chamber above the partition between the connecting pipe and the box, and the heat in the refrigerating chamber is discharged to the evaporation At the device, the evaporator expands and absorbs heat, and circulates to the compressor through the connecting pipe, and circulates repeatedly, so that the cold air can be continuously circulated in the refrigeration chamber, so that the temperature in the refrigeration chamber can be kept at a certain low temperature environment. The NTC temperature sensor monitors the temperature in the refrigeration chamber and feeds back the monitoring results on the display.

The NTC temperature sensor of the refrigeration system is made of a special plastic TPE for both the probe and the wire insulation layer, which connected together. They are tightly combined to and the waterproof performance is improved. The NTC temperature sensor of the refrigeration system has the advantages like small size, small volume, high precision, high sensitivity, high reliability, good stability, and good waterproof performance.