NTC Thermistor in Automotive Battery Pack

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NTC Thermistor in Automotive Battery Pack


NTC thermistor is a common temperature component, which is very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, in equipment that needs to monitor temperature, NTC thermistor is usually used as NTC temperature sensing devices for temperature sampling.

During the charging and discharging process of the battery pack, part of the energy is released in the form of heat, and this part of the heat is not eliminated in time, which will cause the battery pack to overheat. To prevent this, real-time temperature monitoring and heat dissipation treatment of the battery pack are required. At this time, the use of thermistor as temperature monitoring components is a very good choice.

In order to improve the servicing life and safety of the battery pack, each cell in the automotive battery pack is connected to an NTC thermistor and a series of optical fibers, and the NTC thermistor is connected to the battery monitor and the optical fiber is connected to the light sensitive sensor.

When the temperature of a battery cell exceeds safety standards, the NTC thermistor will generate an electrical signal that is transmitted to the battery monitor to activate the battery condensation system to ensure battery safety performance.